Dec. 27, 2022

Avoiding Hidden Toxins in Your Coffee with Emily Gonzalez

Starting off your morning with a strong cup of coffee (or two, or three) is a daily ritual that brings peace to many of us. With caffeine pulsing through our veins, we feel ready to tackle whatever challenge the day may bring. While this coffee may give us a burst of energy, how often do we think about what it is actually made of?

Emily Gonzalez, Manager of Science and Nutrition at Bulletproof, speaks to Jen about how mold is sneaking into our coffee and the possible side effects of drinking toxins. Coming from a naturopathic medical background, Emily believes in the importance of research and ingredient testing at Bulletproof to produce the highest quality products. At first, those higher quality products may have a heftier price tag, but you won’t be shelling out a fortune at the doctor’s office later on.

In this episode, Emily talks to Jen about the insidious toxins that could be hiding in your coffee, how to avoid them, and how Bulletproof differs from your average cup of joe. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:58] - Emily’s role at Bulletproof.
  • [03:57] - Why supplements can’t compensate for a bad diet.
  • [08:54] - The basics of a Bulletproof coffee. 
  • [12:28] - What is a prebiotic?
  • [13:50] - The difference between MCT oil vs. the brain octane C8 MCT oil.
  • [16:09] - Which Bulletproof blend optimizes energy.
  • [18:20] - How Bulletproof coffee remains purposeful and toxin-free.
  • [19:53] - How mold is sneaking into our coffee. 
  • [21:11] - Possible side effects of drinking mold and toxins. 
  • [24:43] - Collagen vs. protein. 
  • [27:54] - Bulletproof’s ingredient testing. 
  • [30:44] - Why higher quality foods can be more expensive.
  • [34:56] - Emily’s Wake-Up Moment that led her to become healthier.
  • [38:37] - Where to find Bulletproof. 


[18:20] - “We are very purposeful about our coffee. It's all expertly chosen, handpicked, and then sustainably washed, and mechanically dried. All of these things are really important to get the highest quality.” ~ Emily Gonzalez

[29:59] - “Any kinds of problematic ingredients that shouldn't be in [our products], we make sure they're not. There are brands that are not good players, and the FDA catches a lot of them. It’s unfortunate because it makes it harder for those of us that really are doing the right thing.” ~ Emily Gonzalez

[34:01] - “I want people to realize how amazing they can feel in their own body. And that’s why they then choose to do more healthy behaviors. Not because they’re told to or not because they should, but it has this rolling effect of positive feedback.” ~ Emily Gonzalez


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