July 19, 2022

Cooking Clean, From Desserts To Cajun Classics with Robin Borne

When you discover your child has a food allergy, eliminating foods is no longer a decision. Robin Borne realized her son had a milk allergy and she tossed out the gallon her family chugged weekly. Even going dairy and corn-free, Robin felt tired and despite sweating hard in Jen’s spin classes, her weight loss goals seemed unreachable. 

Jen’s class on clean eating was the puzzle piece Robin was missing. As the pandemic hit and moms across America made banana bread, Robin created clean alternatives. Her neighbors caught on to Robin’s desserts and before she knew it, Robin had a full-blown bakery business in her backyard. Today, Reborne Bakery offers clean alternatives to your favorite cookies, cakes, muffins, and of course, that chocolate chip banana bread. 

In this episode, Robin talks with Jen about learning to love clean cooking, why her meals haven’t changed much, the biggest benefit to clean eating, how to cook cajun foods with a clean twist, and why reading the labels has transformed Robin’s life and the life of her six-year-old son.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:55] - What Robin’s life looked like before eating clean. 
  • [05:49] - What diets Robin tried previously.
  • [06:14] - What prompted Robin to start dieting. 
  • [06:47] - When Robin finally started seeing results. 
  • [07:53] - How Robin’s meals changed with clean eating. 
  • [09:11] - How Robin introduced her kids to clean eating.
  • [09:53] - Why clean eating allows Robin’s son to become an advocate for himself.
  • [10:21] - How Robin’s kids navigate clean eating in the outside world. 
  • [12:24] - Why Robin started a clean desserts bakery.
  • [14:22] - How people react to Robin’s clean bakery.
  • [17:01] - Which classic cajun recipes Robin has cooked clean.
  • [20:11] - How you can find Robin’s bakery.


[03:30] - “I’m sure, Jen, that your prospective clients always are scared of, ‘Well, I can’t give up cheese.’ But once you make that change and see the benefits, it’s rewarding and you just feel better.” ~ Robin Borne

[07:39] - “That was the most rewarding part. I just felt better, we all felt better. Even-keeled for energy levels, no afternoon crash, and it’s still working two-and-a-half years later.” ~ Robin Borne

[10:02] - “[My son] is now an advocate for himself, and I love that. So even when he goes to grandma’s house, he knows of course the grandmothers are going to offer a glass of milk, that’s fine. But he knows that that does not make him feel his best. So at age six, he can advocate for himself.” ~ Robin Borne


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