May 31, 2022

Just Press Play: How to Start Moving and Keep Moving with Andrea Leigh Rogers

Eating clean is so important for living a healthy lifestyle. Moving your body is also essential for keeping your body and mind feeling great. Not to mention, the more you can motivate yourself to exercise, the more motivated you’ll feel to eat well and have, what Andrea Leigh Rogers calls, a “fridgervention”. 

A true intuitive eater, Andrea is also the queen of movement. She’s a former professional dancer, pilates instructor, founder of Xtend Barre, and creator of the phrase, “movement snacks.” Her philosophy on nutrition and bite-sized exercise helps men and women learn to incorporate movement into their lives without feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by a grueling hour-long workout.

Today, Andrea talks with Jen about helping everyday people flip the exercise switch and actually stick to a workout plan, her philosophy on exercise schedules and nutrition, learning to indulge guilt-free, and the relationship between a stellar workout, a healthy mind, and a clean fridge. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:39] - A quick intro to Andrea.
  • [01:26] - What a day of eating looks like for Andrea.
  • [04:07] - Andrea’s nutrition philosophy. 
  • [05:38] - How Andrea approaches her weekly workouts. 
  • [06:53] - Why Andrea loves starting her day with movement. 
  • [08:36] - What a “movement snack” is.
  • [12:19] - Andrea’s advice for those looking to workout more.
  • [15:46] - Why you can’t “out-exercise” a bad diet. 
  • [17:34] - What keeps Andrea motivated. 
  • [21:31] - Where to find Andrea and her Openfit workouts. 
  • [22:41] - Andrea’s “wakeup moment”.


[07:14] - “I believe that movement is your foundation in everything. So if you move your body, you’re going to be so much more inclined to have a healthy breakfast and to eat well the rest of the day, to make good decisions.” ~ Andrea Leigh Rogers

[14:42] - “I think at the end of the day you have to move your body to feel good and you have to move your body to actually give it the heart conditioning and health that you need. Just like you have to eat clean in order to actually fuel your body in the way it needs. So it is a non-negotiable.” ~ Andrea Leigh Rogers

[16:23] - “There are so many benefits of exercising but the main role of exercise should not be weight loss, that should not be your main motivation. You should not workout because you want to lose weight. You should workout because you want to feel good.” ~ Andrea Leigh Rogers

[20:09] - “Whether it is my workout or swimming or walking, I always just encourage people to move their body and do what they like, what feels good for them. Don’t sign up for a class that you think is gonna give you the best body, do something you actually enjoy. Because if you like doing it, you’re going to be more motivated to do it on those days when you have zero motivation to do it.” ~ Andrea Leigh Rogers


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