Aug. 16, 2022

Leaving Law for Wake Up! with Seth Smiley

Like many of us, Seth Smiley used to pay little attention to his health symptoms. Diagnosed with ADHD at 16 and struggling with heartburn from college onwards, Seth believed he’d need over-the-counter meds his entire life. Still slim and training to compete as a long-distance runner, Seth had no reason to believe his underlying health issues were anything to worry about.  

It wasn’t until early in Seth and Jen’s marriage that Seth began exploring biohacking, anti-aging, and anything he could do to improve his running time, that the two discovered the power of diet changes. What started with vegetarian meals progressed into veganism and at some point, Jen’s Wake Up moment with simple ingredients. 

In this episode, Seth talks with Jen about his life before clean eating, why men looking to bulk up need clean ingredients just like men hoping to lose weight, what Seth eats in a typical day, and why Seth ultimately decided to leave the law firm he built and join Jen full-time at Wake Up and Read the Labels! 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:39] - A brief intro to Seth.
  • [01:51] - How Jen and Seth met. 
  • [04:28] - The three words Seth uses to describe Jen. 
  • [06:02] - Seth’s life before clean eating. 
  • [11:09] - What Seth would say to men scared of losing weight eating clean.
  • [12:41] - What Seth eats in a day. 
  • [16:11] - Who’s influenced Seth’s healthy mindset. 
  • [18:34] - How Jen and Seth’s family reacted to their clean eating transformation.
  • [21:20] - What workouts Seth prioritizes. 
  • [23:45] - Seth’s Wake Up moment. 


[10:41] - “I was thin but I didn’t know that I was inflamed. And so whenever [Jen] really started to dial-in on the clean eating and really had the wake-up moment about all the ingredients, that’s when I weighed the same but my waist size just dropped, almost overnight.” ~ Seth Smiley

[11:58] - “It’s not a weight loss thing, it is a get your body to be the size it’s supposed to be thing.” ~ Seth Smiley

[12:30] - “Clean eating just allows you to feel better while you're trying to achieve those personal goals, whether it be [to] work out or your physical physique.” ~ Seth Smiley


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