March 14, 2023

A Relationship-Driven Approach to Patient Care with Dr. Anna Cabeca

With age, women can experience intensified symptoms such as hot flashes, hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, exhaustion, and fatigue. While bodies continue to change over time, the education about what’s happening behind the scenes stops as soon as we leave school. Women have questions about these personal subjects but not all have someone they trust to turn to for guidance.

Dr. Anna Cabeca, also known as “The Girlfriend Doctor,” takes a relationship-driven approach with all of her patients and provides a safe space for them to speak about menopause and hormones. As a certified OB/GYN and women’s health expert, she’s gained valuable wisdom about the topics she wants to share so that people don’t have to suffer. She’s used this knowledge to write bestselling books about hormones, menopause, and ketogenic eating and created her own brand of The Girlfriend Doctor products. Dr. Anna discusses how her experience as a mother and grandmother drove her to this type of work, her protocol to heal common symptoms, and her tips for women approaching menopause.

In this episode, Dr. Anna talks to Jen about how hormone imbalance harms the body, what society gets wrong about menopause, and how Anna earned her nickname “The Girlfriend Doctor.” 

Key Takeaways

  • [02:04] - An introduction to Dr. Anna Cabeca.
  • [04:50] - How Dr. Anna got involved with healing work.
  • [06:24] - How Dr. Anna earned the nickname, “The Girlfriend Doctor.”
  • [08:56] - Common symptoms women experience with age.
  • [10:18] - How exposure to hormone disruptors harms the body.
  • [12:24] - What society gets wrong about menopause.
  • [13:35] - Dr. Anna’s protocol to heal common health ailments.
  • [16:28] - Hormone replenishment vs. replacement.
  • [18:06] - Dr. Anna’s tips for women approaching menopause.
  • [19:23] - Dr. Anna’s “Wake Up” moment.


[04:13] - “I’m grateful to share the wisdom I’ve learned the hard way so that people don’t have to suffer.” ~ Dr. Anna Cabeca

[04:55] - “Every day, I learn. Each of us learns to keep a healthy amount of curiosity, intuition, and awareness. The eyes don't see what the mind doesn’t know.” ~ Dr. Anna Cabeca

[05:55] - “I’m not here to put a bandaid on your symptoms. I want to get to the underlying root cause so that you’re healed from them.” ~ Dr. Anna Cabeca


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