Nov. 29, 2022

Automating Meals Using the Brava Oven with Travis Rea and Annie Garcia Lucey

Imagine if you could snap your fingers and have an oven that generates recipes, cooks at the speed of light, and reminds you when your food is done so it never burns. The Brava oven uses pulses of light to cook meals faster than you can order bad takeout. 

Travis Rea, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Annie Garcia Lucey, Director of Recipe Development and Culinary Content at Brava Home Inc. both use the Brava oven in their homes. It can be utilized by experienced cooks as well as people who are intimidated by cooking. As a trained chef from the restaurant world, Travis was skeptical of kitchen gadgets but became a convert after tasting a meal made in a Brava oven. 

In this episode, Travis and Annie talk to Jen and Seth Smiley about how the Brava smart oven works, how technology fits into clean eating, and fun recipe ideas.

Key Takeaways

  • [04:19] - Travis and Annie explain the Brava oven.
  • [07:07] - The difference between a traditional oven and a Brava oven.
  • [08:42] - What foods Travis and Annie like to cook in their Brava.
  • [11:24] - Brava’s banana bread recipes and other features.
  • [14:25] - Brava’s app and how Brava is linked to clean eating.
  • [18:44] - Why Brava was invented and their target audience.
  • [25:16] - The craziest thing someone has cooked in a Brava.
  • [32:34] - Travis and Annie’s Wake Up moments.


[04:51] - “It’s the only device on the market that is about to cook three different ingredients at the exact same time but to differing levels of doneness.” ~ Travis Rea

[05:30] - “One of the things that I personally really love about Brava, is that it just makes it more realistic to get a delicious dinner on the table.” ~ Annie Garcia Lucey

[07:29] - “Where Brava comes in, that’s a little bit different, is by using really high-powered infrared laps, we’re able to achieve full power in less than one second.” ~ Travis Rea


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