Jan. 31, 2023

Balancing Your Brain with Dr. Patrick Porter

As we grow older, many people consider anxiety, low energy, difficulty losing weight, and brain fog to be the body and mind’s normal reaction to aging. The harsh truth is that burnout and stress paralyze us, but our brain is smarter and more resilient than we think. In fact, our brain is neuroplastic, regardless of age, and has the power to change and adapt due to different experiences. Most people aren’t aware of the power that lies within our brain.

Dr. Patrick Porter,  Founder and CEO at BrainTap, has spent over 20 years educating people about the brain’s potential. He strives to improve lives by enhancing the brain’s function and true capabilities. He’s an award-winning author, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker who’s on a mission to “better a billion brains.”

Dr. Porter talks to Jen about how BrainTap relies on neuropsychology to unlock optimal living, deregulate stress, and find balance in a chaotic world.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:17] - Dr. Patrick Porter’s health and weight loss journey. 
  • [04:35] - What is BrainTap?
  • [08:52] - How light helps the brain.
  • [16:55] - How Dr. Porter’s background influenced BrainTap.
  • [20:12] - BrainTap success stories.
  • [23:00] - How to start using BrainTap. 
  • [24:13] - How BrainTap optimizes sleep.
  • [30:21] - How to get maximum results from BrainTap.
  • [32:06] - What’s happening in the brain when you use BrainTap.


[07:05] - “You get what you rehearse in life, not what you intend.” ~ Dr. Patrick Porter

[22:21] - “Our brain is super smart, but a lot of people don’t use it to its full potential.”  ~ Dr. Patrick Porter

[29:22] - “We’re always going to have stress on some level. How do we build the capacity to handle it? You have the strength. We all have the capacity, just some of us stop learning and growing at a certain point, so it hits us a little harder.”  ~ Dr. Patrick Porter


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