April 26, 2022

Beyond Skin Deep: Why Clean Food Is the Secret Ingredient to a Beautiful Life with Mally Roncal

It takes work to be as happy as Mally Roncal, makeup stylist to the stars and gratitude aficionado. But Mally is as intentional with her thoughts as she is with the food filling her pantry. At least since finding Jen and realizing a clean swap for ketchup made her kids just as happy as the preservative-filled go-to. 

While she’s naturally high-energy, since swapping to clean foods, Mally’s seen her already peppy attitude skyrocket and watched with awe as her husband’s chronic pain dissipated. As a makeup artist, Mally’s life revolves around skin. She’s experienced firsthand the power food has on complexion, beauty, and even facial expression. 

Today, Mally shares her tips for a happy and grateful life, a pantry swap that changed her kids’ taste buds, how she grocery shops for clean foods in the major chains, a few A-List makeup tips, and why clean swaps clear more than just complexion. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:39] - A brief introduction to Mally. 
  • [01:39] - How Mally and Jen met. 
  • [02:59] - What Mally realized when she first took a hard look at her pantry. 
  • [04:58] - What gratitude means to Mally. 
  • [09:39] - How Mally breaks out of a mundane routine. 
  • [10:46] - Where Mally shops for groceries. 
  • [12:24] - How skin and food are interconnected. 
  • [14:05] - Why clean eating improves more than just complexion. 
  • [16:07] - How Mally makes time to cook. 
  • [19:47] - How to manage food guilt when you don’t eat clean. 
  • [22:05] - Mally’s makeup tips. 
  • [27:04] - When Mally had her wake-up moment. 


[03:18] - “I just thought that since those were the foods that the kids liked to eat, that was the only option. And I didn’t realize until I met Jen that there were other options —  there were clean swaps that were just as tasty.” ~ Mally Roncal

[05:42] - “Every day is an opportunity to be good to yourself, to be good to others, and really create the life that you want to lead. It’s been such an eye-opening experience really getting involved in what I’m eating, how I’m eating it, and how it has actually changed the way I feel.” ~ Mally Roncal


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