Jan. 24, 2023

Developing a Positive Mindset with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

It is no longer a question of if you have health issues, it’s a matter of how many you have, how severe they are, and how you’re being treated. Children are not exempt from this category as illness can strike at any age. But not all prescriptions are safe and healthy for children to use. 

Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, also known as The Eczema Lady, talks to Jen about how her children’s chronic illness prompted a lifestyle revamp and dietary changes. Together, they discuss healing illness through real food, top products to avoid, and the role that community plays when making drastic changes.

In this episode, Dr. Temple talks to Jen about the challenges of becoming healthier and how to overcome them. Sustaining momentum in your health journey can be achieved by building community and developing a positive mindset.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:10] - How Dr. Ana-Maria Temple became a holistic pediatrician.
  • [04:14] - When Dr. Ana-Maria discovered the root cause of her children’s chronic illness.
  • [06:41] - The importance of eating whole foods.
  • [08:03] - The holistic medicine difference.
  • [09:24] - How Dr. Ana-Maria advocates for a healthier lifestyle.
  • [11:24] - Dr. Ana-Maria’s specialization and her online course. 
  • [12:41] - The first step in helping heal illness.
  • [15:36] - Top foods to avoid.
  • [18:20] - How to keep up with Dr. Ana-Maria. 
  • [19:38] - Dr. Ana-Maria’s thoughts on Stevia.


[11:56] - “When you see people get better in your situation, it empowers you and strengthens you. It gives you hope, so you’re gonna stick with the plan. You are going to heal faster and better.” ~ Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

[14:41] - “We have a lot of data out there that is showing that food colors and preservatives are indeed inflaming our children, so we gotta start with reading the labels.” ~ Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

[16:44] - “You either have results or you have excuses.” ~ Dr. Ana-Maria Temple


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