June 14, 2022

Eating Clean and Honoring Your Body with Carly Patterson Caldwell

You’d think as an Olympic Athlete, Carly Caldwell would have met with top-tier nutritionists and clean eating specialists. Unfortunately, those resources were never provided to her as a professional gymnast, and Carly never learned how to “read the labels” until discovering Jen. In fact, before Jen, when Carly wanted to lose weight, she thought cutting out dessert, chips, sugars, and carbs would do the job.

Now, months into the Clean Eating Academy program, Carly eats her favorite foods every day, hardly looks at the calorie count, and has lost 15 pounds. She fits into her closet filled with previously unworn clothes, and her newfound energy levels have allowed her to resume the hobbies she once felt too tired and sluggish to even attempt. 

In this episode, Carly talks with Jen about navigating food after the Olympics, what foods Carly swaps for household brands, why eating clean doesn’t have to break your bank account, and the ways in which clean eating has transformed Carly as an athlete, motivational speaker, and mother.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:39] - Jen’s intro to this episode and Carly.
  • [02:24] - What Carly ate as a young athlete versus what she eats today.
  • [03:42] - What nutritional resources Carly had access to as an Olympic gymnast. 
  • [07:09] - How Carly navigated nutrition after her Olympic career. 
  • [09:10] - When Carly discovered Wake Up and Read the Labels
  • [15:39] - What Carly shops for at the grocery store. 
  • [19:27] - What Carly wishes she had known sooner.
  • [20:12] - One reason you should read the labels.  
  • [20:41] - Carly’s Wake Up moment. 


[12:52] - “My brain feels like it’s working better, more clarity, more energy, like I said I’m feeling the most confident about myself, in my skin, than I have in a long time” ~ Carly Patterson Caldwell

[15:06] - “You get these better ingredients for yourself, you’re gonna feel better. And to me that’s priceless.” ~ Carly Patterson Caldwell

[17:50] - “For the first time I don’t look at the sugar, I don’t look at the calories, I don’t look at the fat. I just eat those brands of the things that I love and I don’t even have to worry about that stuff.” ~ Carly Patterson Caldwell


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