July 26, 2022

Feeling 20 at 40 with Anna Cash

Many people discover they’ve got major health issues through changes in appearance or struggles with daily tasks. It took a dentist appointment for Anna Cash. 

Anna’s teeth were all but crumbling and her dentist advised she cut out gluten, suspecting the problem was gut-related. However, despite reluctantly removing sandwich bread and pizza, Anna wasn’t feeling much better. In fact, depriving herself throughout the day, Anna would reward her daily discipline with late-night McDonald’s runs and watch as the weight piled on. 

On top of a dental mishap, the passing of Anna’s husband prompted anxiety, depression, and overindulging. Her mental health and poor diet led to frequent illness and trips to the doctor’s office. Although professionals pushed medicine, when a friend sent Anna a post by Jen Smiley, everything changed.

In this episode, Anna talks with Jen about learning to navigate clean eating, the medicine Anna no longer needs, how Anna’s changing her community with clean swaps, and what Anna’s embracing for the first time in her adult life thanks to waking up and reading the labels. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:40] - A brief introduction to Anna and her journey with clean eating. 
  • [02:21] - Why Anna became gluten-free. 
  • [03:15] - How Anna first navigated gluten-free foods. 
  • [05:15] - When Anna discovered Jen’s program.
  • [06:36] - The moment Anna decided to commit to clean eating.
  • [09:23] - Why Jen’s course benefited Anna’s health journey. 
  • [10:30] - What Anna noticed immediately after starting to read the labels. 
  • [13:31] - How Anna switched to clean alcohol and the symptoms she no longer experiences. 
  • [18:22] - When Anna realized her “healthy” lattes were making everything worse.
  • [19:28] - How Anna feels today.
  • [19:57] - Anna’s favorite clean meal. 
  • [20:46] - Anna’s Wake Up moment. 


[07:32] - “I knew it was gluten but I wasn’t ready to accept it. And when a friend sent me your story, I was like, Anna, you know exactly what’s wrong with you and you’re the only one that can fix it. So I dove in.” ~ Anna Cash

[10:19] - “It’s so easy, it’s so sustainable, which, I have never found anything to be sustainable. I could do it for a while and be miserable and quit.” ~ Anna Cash

[11:09] - “I wake up before the alarm, even on a weekday. The weight’s just dropping off of me and the inches and I just want to get up and go do. I haven’t felt that since I was 20 and I’m 46 now.” ~ Anna Cash


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