April 19, 2022

Healing From the Inside Out with Sally Pressman

When Sally Pressman was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a painful stomach condition that left her debilitated, she thought her only path to recovery would be filled with medication and daily injections. Then her husband met a woman who cured her Chrohn’s disease just by changing what she ate. Sally’s husband made her promise to try the diet switch before resorting to daily medication.

As she began changing her diet, Sally’s body experienced symptoms of food withdrawal. But after three days, she began to feel better. And after seven, her ulcerative colitis symptoms disappeared completely. 

Years later, Sally advocates for clean eating just like Jen. She’s experienced a phenomenal health transformation but her process is simple: stick to single-ingredient foods. Today, Sally shares her complete journey to recovery and her food “re-awakening.” 

Sally talks with Jen about how clean eating healed Sally’s ulcerative colitis, her absolute favorite clean foods, and how Sally got her young kids to eat clean too.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:51] - An introduction to Sally and how Sally connected with Jen. 
  • [06:50] - What clean eating means to Sally. 
  • [09:09] - Why women worry about the food on their plates (and their kids’ plates). 
  • [12:22] - Sally’s journey with ulcerative colitis. 
  • [15:45] - How Sally discovered clean eating. 
  • [20:45] - How long it took Sally’s body to recover after changing her diet and how to fight through symptoms of withdrawal. 
  • [24:39] - How to get your kids on board with clean eating.
  • [31:54] - Sally’s favorite clean foods. 
  • [40:22] - A few closing thoughts from Sally. 


[07:22] - “The whole problem is that we think we’re doing something right, but we just don’t have all the tools. And so for me, clean eating is staying as close to single-ingredient foods as possible.” ~ Sally Pressman

[10:27] - “Women are so often nurturing other people that we don’t take the time to nurture ourselves until you realize that you have to nurture yourself to be able to nurture others better. It’s like the air mask on an airplane. You have to put your air mask on first so you can help other people.” ~ Sally Pressman

[17:58] - “You can’t do it alone. You have to have someone supporting you.” ~ Sally Pressman

[21:47] - “There is a possibility that you will go in withdrawal and you will have that bacteria die off the first three days, maybe even the first week. But if you are following Jen’s instruction, there is no way you are getting worse and you just have to know that and you have to ride it out.” ~ Sally Pressman


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