Dec. 20, 2022

Healing Illness with Herbal Therapy with Dr. Bill Rawls

Our bodies are constantly talking to us, but we don’t always choose to listen. It is not until we are struck with a health crisis that we are forced to seek the necessary changes. Even then, there’s no guarantee that our health ailments will be fixed easily.

That was the case for Dr. Bill Rawls, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Vital Plan. A traditionally trained physician for over 30 years, he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in his 40s. After having little luck with traditional medical recommendations, Dr. Rawls turned to alternative treatments and herbal supplements, which healed his chronic health issues. Dr. Rawls now combines his knowledge of traditional medicine with herbal therapy for a holistic health approach. His journey inspired Vital Plan, an herbal supplement and wellness company Dr. Rawls co-founded with his daughter.

In this episode, Dr. Rawls talks to Jen about the benefits of herbal therapy, the body’s reaction to stress and healing, and how to get started with herbal supplements. Learn more at

Key Takeaways

  • [02:38] - How Dr. Bill Rawls got into herbal therapy.
  • [06:48] - Dr. Rawls’ unique perspective on herbal therapy. 
  • [8:08] - The history of herbs.
  • [11:46] - The difference between herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • [15:12] - How herbs make us more resilient.
  • [18:41] - How to get started with herbs. 
  • [23:46] - The impact of taking herbs consistently. 
  • [27:11] - Why you should research when looking for herbs.
  • [29:42] - Cell healing and chronic illness.
  • [31:26] - What could be stressing your cells.
  • [33:20] - The inspiration behind Vital Plan.
  • [34:32] - Dr. Bill Rawls’ favorite herbs.  
  • [36:14] - How to get started with herbal therapy.


[13:52] - “When we take an herb, we are taking in the plant’s defense system and its regulatory system. Our cells, which are constantly being bombarded with free radicals and chemical toxins, benefit from that extra protection.” ~ Dr. Bill Rawls

[23:52] - I’m 65 now. I thought I had totally lost my health forever at age 50. I’ve been taking herbs now for 15 years, every single day, in pretty significant quantities. And I’m doing everything I want to in life, and it’s great. I’m aging, but aging without debilitating symptoms.” ~ Dr. Bill Rawls

[31:03] - “Your body’s talking to you. And people ignore these signals, we’re not listening. It is more sensitive than any lab you can get.” ~ Dr. Bill Rawls


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