Jan. 3, 2023

How High-Quality Ingredients Transform Your Health with Jason Bronstad

Milk alternatives have become increasingly popular over the years, with 41% of consumers choosing a dairy-free approach to their life. With so many options available - soy, coconut, oat, almond, rice, hemp, cashew - it’s become difficult to decide which alternative milk suits you. What factors should we consider when switching to a plant-based alternative, and how do we know which alternative milk is right for us? 

Jason Bronstad wants the decision to be easy for consumers by providing a simple, clean dairy-free option: MALK Organics. Before becoming MALK Organics’ CEO in 2020, Jason’s health journey began in 2019 after realizing his children mirrored his poor habits. He lost over 100 pounds and prioritized high-quality, organic products, and clean eating. This commitment in Jason’s personal life also rings true professionally as the CEO of MALK Organics. Unlike many alternative milk companies, MALK Organics only uses a handful of high-quality ingredients in their plant-based products.

In this episode, Jason talks with Jen about why organic products matter, how clean eating changed Jason’s health journey, and what makes MALK better than its plant-based competitors.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:08] - How Jason became the CEO of MALK Organics.
  • [03:01] - The start of Jason’s personal health journey.
  • [05:05] - Jason’s first impression of MALK Organics.
  • [08:10] - The importance of reading the ingredients.
  • [09:22] - MALK’s mission to provide quality ingredients.
  • [10:13] - Where to find MALK Organics products.
  • [11:18] - What is clean eating?
  • [12:21] - The organic difference.
  • [14:34] - Benefits of drinking MALK Organic’s milk.
  • [17:00] - How MALK Organics differs from other plant-based milks.
  • [20:28] - A challenge Jason faced as MALK Organic’s CEO.
  • [23:30] - The meaning behind MALK Organics’ name.
  • [25:10] - Pivotal moments in Jason’s personal and professional life.


[09:49] - All of our products have five ingredients or less. You can pronounce them all; they’re all authentic, organic ingredients. It’s clean and simple. It’s who we are and it’s who we’re going to be as we go forward.” ~ Jason Bronstad

[12:34] - “A farmer has to make a choice: are they going to go have a clean, organic crop that they're going to grow, or are they going to try and optimize and get as much product out of that field as humanly possible? A tip of the hat to all of the farmers across America, especially those that choose to grow organic products.” ~ Jason Bronstad

[25:31] - “One of the things I used to be proud of is I could grocery shop the entire week in 20 minutes. Now, we proudly take about an hour and a half to go through the store and find the right ingredients.” ~ Jason Bronstad


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