Dec. 6, 2022

Intentionality, Mindfulness, and Wellbeing with Dr. Monisha Bhanote

Health complications have become so omnipresent in the United States that we don’t usually think twice about them. We turn to our healthcare providers to prescribe us pills that offer relief, but not long-term solutions. While many want to find another solution, many of us don’t know how to take action.

Dr. Monisha Bhanote, also known as the Wellbeing Doctor, talks to Jen about her work as an integrative lifestyle medicine physician and the steps we can take to control our health proactively. Dr. Bhanote believes that doctors have a responsibility to help patients listen to their bodies, keep their cells healthy, and find sustainable long-term solutions to their ailments.  

In this episode, Dr. Bhanote talks to Jen about the difference between traditional medical treatment and integrative medicine, the importance of listening to your symptoms and keeping your cells healthy, and how to switch off autopilot and live with intention.

Key Takeaways

  • [04:18] - What people receive by seeking out integrative medical care.
  • [06:41] - Dr. Monisha Bhanote’s whole-body approach.
  • [08:20] - The power of listening to your symptoms.
  • [10:54] - How food has changed over time.
  • [12:58] - Dr. Bhanote’s take on gluten-free and prioritizing real food.
  • [15:23] - How to keep your cells healthy.
  • [18:12] - Dr. Bhanote’s rituals.
  • [21:00] - The toxin removal system.
  • [23:03] - The dangers of food additives.
  • [26:10] - Who should read Dr. Monisha Bhanote’s book, The Anatomy of Wellbeing.


[09:16] - “Trying to get people off their medications and supporting them in another way is our duty as doctors. We’re there to address their symptoms and we want to give them something, but this is not a long-term solution.” ~ Dr. Monisha Bhanote

[10:10] - “Integrative and functional doctors, and even some patients now, can order their own tests but if you don’t actually know how to interpret [the results] and address them in a way that can be measurable, then you could really go down the wrong path.” ~ Dr. Monisha Bhanote

[16:23] - “Cell care is self-care.” ~ Dr. Monisha Bhanote


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