Sept. 13, 2022

Keep the Adventure Alive: Healing Osteoarthritis with Dr. Alyssa Kuhn

When the body breaks down, many people turn to surgery searching for what they believe will be a permanent fix. Often, what the body really needs is the chance to heal through diet, lifestyle change, and therapy.

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is the founder of Keep the Adventure Alive based in Salt Lake City Utah. She’s on a mission to educate people around the globe on osteoarthritis pain reduction and prevention through diet and movement.

When Alyssa started working in an independent living facility, she was inspired by the residents who were very active. This affirmed that osteoarthritis didn’t have to be a life of pain, isolation, and immobility. She saw this firsthand when her 50-year-old client living with debilitating osteoarthritis could finally do a stair jump after months of therapy.

In this episode, Jen talks to Alyssa about osteoarthritis misinformation online and healing chronic pain through diet and therapy.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:51] - Intro to Dr. Alyssa Kuhn and Keep the Adventure Alive.
  • [03:49] - The reason osteoarthritis is becoming more common.
  • [06:14] - Alyssa's early days as a physical therapist and her mission.
  • [10:30] - The origin of the name Keep the Adventure Alive.
  • [11:42] - The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint.
  • [14:58] - How Alyssa feels when she hears positive reviews.
  • [17:06] - Alyssa's journey from being a physical therapist to starting her own business.
  • [19:56] - A run-through of a patient’s experience with Alyssa.
  • [24:25] - Alyssa’s book, “Move Well Age Well”.
  • [25:07] - Alyssa’s Wake Up moment.


[08:05] - “Food and exercise and these sort of lifestyle changes can positively impact you as you get older, and it doesn't have to include all of these aches, pains, despair, and sitting on the couch for the rest of your life.” ~ @kuhnalyssa_dpt

[18:44] - “One-on-one, you can only impact one person. Maybe some of the people around them, but what if we could pull this out and now start to educate the globe, educate so many more people.” ~ @kuhnalyssa_dpt

[23:06] - “I do want to highlight the fact that the common denominator through all of this is consistency. And I know that you probably preach this too with food that you have to be consistent. You have to dedicate yourself to it. The problem is, I think a lot of people give up too early. And they give up right before this breakthrough. So we have to think of it in small wins.” ~  @kuhnalyssa_dpt


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