Feb. 14, 2023

Letting the Food Speak for Itself with Tyler Dawley

It is becoming harder to discern which grocery store labels are legitimate and which are fluffy marketing claims. When it comes to chicken, the most consumed meat in the U.S., there is no shortage of labels you will encounter while shopping: natural, vegetarian-fed, cage-free, organic, and pasture-raised. But which chicken is worth paying extra for? 

Tyler Dawley, Founder and Owner at Big Bluff Ranch, is well-versed in which meat claims are legitimately determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and which ones are meaningless. Tyler believes that the tastiest meat starts with the natural environment and regenerative farming practices. Big Bluff Ranch’s chicken is pasture-raised and organic, which isn’t always available at your local grocery store.

Tyler talks to Jen about his decision to become a full-time farmer, the difference between meat label claims, and the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:49] - What drew Tyler back to the ranch.
  • [05:48] - The difference between meat label claims.
  • [10:47] - How the USDA classifies chicken sizes.
  • [12:50] - What is pasture-raised chicken?
  • [17:32] - How the regenerative agriculture process works.
  • [19:42] - Mother Nature as a passive manager.
  • [22:13] - The positive impact of regenerative agriculture.
  • [23:48] - Where to find Big Bluff Ranch’s chicken.


[09:22] - “There is no such thing as a growth hormone for chicken. So when you see a package that says ‘no growth hormones added,’ it’s a complete marketing spin.” ~ Tyler Dawley

[17:32] - “When you start diving into regenerative agriculture, you’re starting to dig into how mother nature works as a system. And everything is interconnected.” ~ Tyler Dawley

[24:20] - “We are trying to save the world, one chicken at a time.” ~ Tyler Dawley


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