Sept. 20, 2022

Living With Parents Who Read the Labels with Jude and Luke Smiley

Do you remember how you felt about food as a kid? Could you pronounce the words on the ingredient list of a bag of chips? Well, 11-year-old Jude Smiley and 8-year-old Luke Smiley are just your average boys who like soccer, video games, and donuts. But, there’s one major difference - in the Smiley household, they eat clean.

Jude remembers life before eating clean and indulging in all the sugary snacks kids love. When Luke was born, things changed and their mom Jen started swapping regular butter for grass-fed butter and cane sugar for coconut sugar. It’s tough getting kids to eat clean but with a bit of creativity, the boys have grown to love their mom’s clean recipes, especially her chip chicken.

Jude and Luke aren’t restricted. They eat french toast sticks at grandma’s house on the weekends and drink sports drinks at their soccer games. It’s all about balance for the Smiley boys, who gladly name some of their favorite processed snacks. The important thing for Jen is that they learn the connection between the food they eat and how they feel. 

In this episode, Jen talks to Jude and Luke about what it’s like having a mom who reads the labels, acknowledging how unhealthy food makes them feel, and their favorite mom-approved recipes. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:05] - Life with a mom who reads all the labels.
  • [03:58] - The good and bad about reading labels.
  • [04:46] - How Luke ate before Jen was a food coach.
  • [05:41] - Remembering when Jen achieved 1,000 and 10,000 followers.
  • [06:21] - How Jude and Luke feel about being in Jen’s videos.
  • [06:54] - Jude and Luke’s favorite clean recipes.
  • [08:02] - What Luke’s friends think about reading the labels and eating clean.
  • [09:42] - Jude and Luke’s favorite recipes that aren’t mom-approved.
  • [11:27] - Jude names one bad ingredient. 
  • [12:27] - Luke names one good ingredient.
  • [13:30] - How students reacted to Luke’s lunch.
  • [13:59] - How Jude and Luke feel after eating bad food.
  • [14:22] - How Jude and Luke feel at parties and games with the food.
  • [15:28] - The drink of choice for Jude and Luke.
  • [15:44] - Getting to know Jude and Luke with a game of this or that.
  • [19:57] - Jude and Luke name something listeners don’t know about Jen.
  • [20:46] - Jude and Luke’s Wake Up moments.


[02:08] - “When we go to groceries, she just takes up something that looks good. And then she flips to the back of it. If it says acids or sugars, then she puts it right back.” ~ Jude Smiley

[03:04] - “The more labels that we read, the more that we know about the foods we’re eating and we can stop those businesses from producing those [bad] foods.” ~ Jude Smiley

[03:53] - “If you eat the bad stuff, then you feel really horrible the next day. If you eat the good stuff, then you don't.” ~ Luke Smiley


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