Aug. 23, 2022

More Than a Hot Sauce Brand with Joey Repice

Like many great products, Joey’s Hot Sauce originated from love. In this case, the love Joey felt for his wife, who couldn’t find a delicious hot sauce free from additives, preservatives, and sugar. So Joey grabbed organic peppers from the farmer’s market and blended up a custom hot sauce in his Vitamix. On that day, Joey’s Hot Sauce was born. 

From the Southern part of Italy, Joey’s mother lived off the land. Her family owned goats and ate fresh figs and oregano straight from the source. As a child, Joey watched his mother’s intentional approach to cooking, making use of every ingredient and treating meals with reverence. Those Italian roots and his mother’s appreciation for high-quality food inspired Joey’s love for fresh, simple ingredients, and eventually, Joey’s Hot Sauce. 

In this episode, Joey talks with Jen about the inspiration behind his hot sauce flavors, why every flavor is fresh, clean, and simple, the importance of mind-body health for Joey, and why Joey’s Hot Sauce is so much more than a hot sauce. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:17] - A brief intro to Joey.
  • [02:24] - The origin story of Joey’s Hot Sauce. 
  • [04:59] - How Joey’s background influenced his approach to cuisine. 
  • [08:18] - Why health matters to Joey. 
  • [11:41] - All about Joey’s Hot Sauce. 
  • [18:33] - What it’s like owning a hot sauce business. 
  • [20:55] - Joey’s Wake Up moment. 


[09:36] - “I just know that when I eat food that I know where it comes from, without sugar spiking my glucose, and when I exercise regularly, my mental clarity’s way better, my physical being is way better, I’m just better to be around.” ~ Joey Repice

[10:08] - “Joey’s Hot Sauce is not just about a hot sauce. It’s, in a sense, for me, about a lifestyle. I want people to be inspired to make the correlation of what they’re eating and how they’re feeling. There is a correlation there.” ~ Joey Repice

[13:09] - “It’s all high quality, all organic, there’s not one ingredient that can’t be organic. It has to be organic to be in Joey’s Hot Sauce.” ~ Joey Repice

[23:06] - “Wherever we put our money, what we focus on, the big money follows. So I have faith that we can really shift this broken system and fix it.” ~ Joey Repice


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