Sept. 6, 2022

Not All Almonds Are Created Equal with Grace Runnels

There is an unmistakable link between what we eat and how we feel. After losing a son to mental health issues, Daily Crunch Snacks' Co-Founder Diane Orley dedicated her business mission to feeding the mind as much as the body. For her, that starts with a daily ritual of a handful of almonds.

Over 15 years ago, Diane’s sister visited India where she learned the health benefits of sprouted almonds. Inspired by her sister’s travel, Diane merged the practice of sprouting almonds with additional added flavors using clean ingredients. When her niece, Laurel Orley, was pregnant with her third child, her cravings were intense. Diane’s almonds were one of her favorite healthy snacks. Laurel saw potential in her aunt’s business and joined forces to start Daily Crunch Snacks. 

In this episode, Jen talks with Grace Runnels, Brand and Content Marketing Lead at Daily Crunch Snacks about the story behind the brand, the benefits of sprouting almonds, and the importance of mental health at Daily Crunch Snacks. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:46] - A brief intro to Grace and Daily Crunch Snacks.
  • [02:22] - How Daily Crunch Snacks got their name.
  • [03:21] - Why not all almonds are created equal.
  • [03:39] - The beginning of Daily Crunch.
  • [05:46] - The almond sprouting & dehydrating process.
  • [09:08] - How to choose anti-inflammatory foods.
  • [10:33] - The ingredients in sprouted almonds.
  • [13:09] - The value of well-being for Daily Crunch Snacks.
  • [14:54] - What is the Daily Crunch staff culture?
  • [15:58] - The Daily Crunch’s connection to The Support Network.
  • [18:07] - Transforming mental health through food.
  • [19:18] - Grace’s Wake-Up Moment.


[12:45] - “I'm curious for all you listeners. Have you ever looked at the packaging of your snacks, right? Most of the time, it's these hidden oils, or it's these hidden preservatives that are going to keep you from feeling good. So it's important to read those labels.” ~ Jen Smiley

[13:41] - “I think our whole team is just really inspired by trying to make people feel as good as possible inside and out and that the food you eat does have a big impact on that.” ~ Grace Runnels

[14:22] - “We're going back to the basics like you said, that clean, clean is misleading. All foods should be clean.” ~ Jen Smiley


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