May 17, 2022

Nourishment Directly From Nature with Jenny Eu

Over the years, the demand for plant-based milk has skyrocketed. While almond and oat milk may be trending, non-dairy doesn’t automatically mean healthier. Especially when it comes to milk. 

Jenny Eu’s clean milk epiphany started out like any other morning: making fresh soy milk. One day, on a whim, Jenny threw a few nuts into her milk maker. The result was a creamy and delicious plant-based beverage. As she sipped, Jenny realized that no clean plant-based milk existed in the marketplace — every option was filled with unnecessary oils, gums, and additives. So she set out to produce her own. And Three Trees was born. 

Three Trees, a nod to Jenny’s grandmother who believed, like Jenny, that the best nutrition comes directly from nature, began as a way to fill the void of clean plant-based milk. Today, Three Trees has more than just almond milk and is continuing to revolutionize the way we start our mornings. 

Jenny talks with Jen about developing clean non-dairy milk, why most plant-based brands rely on artificial ingredients, and her advice for fellow female entrepreneurs. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:40] - A quick introduction to Jenny. 
  • [02:01] - What inspired Jenny to start Three Trees, and where the name comes from. 
  • [03:53] - When Jenny had her clean milk epiphany. 
  • [06:17] - Why additives like gum are commonly used to make dairy-free milk. 
  • [09:59] - Why clean plant-based milk separates in coffee and how to fix it. 
  • [12:44] - Which clean milk froths easily. 
  • [13:10] - How Jenny chooses the nuts and seeds used in Three Trees products. 
  • [17:23] - Where to find Three Trees. 
  • [19:01] - Why Jenny doesn’t use salt in her plant-based milk. 
  • [20:31] - Jenny’s advice for female business owners. 
  • [25:04] - Jenny’s wake-up moment.


[02:58] - “The idea of getting whole ingredients directly from nature is sort of what the brand is all about. I really believe that we can get a lot of good nourishment directly from nature.” ~ Jenny Eu

[04:55] - “I saw that there was a real need in the marketplace, a void, for something that’s better. More clean ingredients, no additives, nothing that would give you gastrointestinal issues. And that simply contained more nuts, or more almonds, more coconut, and was naturally more nourishing.” ~ Jenny Eu

[16:23] - “We like to say, ‘nothing you wouldn’t find in your kitchen pantry.’ If you don’t think you’re stocking acacia gum or guar gum in your kitchen, you probably shouldn’t be in your plant-based milk either.” ~ Jenny Eu


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