Oct. 4, 2022

Prevailing Through Food with Ashley Kohn

Inflammation is like an unfortunate gift. It doesn’t feel great, but it’s the body’s way of protecting itself and revealing that something in our food or environment needs to change. Often, change is simply going back to food the body recognizes. 

After a childhood filled with food allergies, Ashley Kohn, Founder and CEO at Prevail Jerky, knew it was time for a change when she went into the hospital with swollen lips. She went back to basics and started eating scratch-made dressings, vegetables, and homemade jerky. Pretty soon, she was able to drop the medications and focus on healing through food. When Ashley and her husband created Prevail Jerky, they wanted to go back to the roots of jerky when the process and ingredients were simple while adding their stamp on an old favorite.

In this episode, Ashley talks to Jen about overcoming food allergies, living with celiac disease, and what inspired her to make organic jerky.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:19] - An introduction to Ashley Kohn.
  • [01:42] - Why Ashley founded Prevail Jerky.
  • [03:57] - How Ashley discovered her food was making her feel worse.
  • [08:21] - Why kids love Prevail Jerky.
  • [10:16] - What are the ingredients in Prevail Jerky.
  • [13:29] - How Ashley came up with their flavor offerings.
  • [16:05] - Prevail Jerky’s partnership with the Food Equality Initiative.
  • [18:08] - Ashley’s Wake up moment.


[02:40] - “When I would read the labels, there was all this stuff in there that I couldn't read, that I didn’t know what it was and I just thought there has got to be something better than this.” ~ Ashley Kohn

[05:56] - “Why do I have to suffer through bland boring food just because I have food allergies or just because I was looking for a clean label?” ~ Ashley Kohn

[17:17] - “It was important for me in our mission to help people prevail through their food. And so what better way to do it than with food banks that are serving children and making sure that they have enough protein and nutrition in their diet.” ~ Ashley Kohn


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