Sept. 27, 2022

Prioritizing Your Internal Ecosystem with James and Dahlia Marin

A healthy balanced gut is an ultimate goal. Keeping it that way can be a challenge when it’s easily thrown out of whack by chemical, physical, and emotional stress.  

James Marin and Dahlia Marin are Registered Dieticians and Co-Founders of Married to Health. They are also life partners who both struggled with obesity and had a long list of health issues as a result. After conquering their difficult relationship with food and health, they started living by the philosophy that gut health is the epicenter of all health and they embody that philosophy through their plant-based diet.

In their practice, Married to Health, James and Dahlia help people struggling with disordered eating, IBS, and metabolic diseases to introduce plant-based foods into their life while managing their symptoms.

In his episode, Jen talks to James and Dahlia, about working with your spouse, raising a fully plant-based kid, and prioritizing your gut health.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:56] - An introduction to James and Dahlia Marin.
  • [01:31] - How health has been a priority for James and Dahlia in their relationship.
  • [03:16] - The experience of having a child that's plant-based.
  • [09:05] - The importance of gut health and the signs of bad gut health.
  • [14:29] - Other factors affecting the gut besides food.
  • [17:27] - Two great recipes that support gut health.
  • [21:49] - James and Dahlia’s opinion on lectins in vegetables.
  • [24:37] - How James and Dahlia feel about foods such as plant-based meats.
  • [28:21] - James and Dahlia’s thoughts on the food pyramid.
  • [30:28] - Options offered by James and Dahlia’s practice Married to Health.
  • [32:44] - James and Dahlia’s Wake Up moment.


[02:11] - “We planted the seed of marriage, and now we’re watching that tree grow and blossom and bear fruit.” ~ James Marin

[04:22] - “We’re going to continue to see more mindless eating, more distracted eating. Kids these days are busier than ever.” ~ Dahlia Marin

[07:38] - “The most important ecosystem is the one inside of you. If you are not taking care of that ecosystem inside of you, more specifically your gut microbiome, you are doing more harm to the outer ecosystem than you can ever possibly imagine.” ~ James Marin


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