Nov. 15, 2022

Regulating Your GI Health with James and Dahlia Marin

Understanding your GI health requires patience and a holistic health approach that western medicine doesn’t always offer. There’s no quick fix or magic pill that can solve every GI issue, so the question is – where do you start?

James Marin and Dahlia Marin, Registered Dietitians, Co-Founders of Married to Health, and husband and wife, are back for a second time to explain the different lifestyle choices that impact our GI health.  Many of the people who come to Married to Health have tried using laxatives, antacids, and supplements recommended by their practitioners to fix their GI issues. But James and Dahlia believe that great GI health starts with a solid foundation of stress management, hydration, probiotic foods, and a wide variety of plants. In their practice, James and Dahlia along with their team of specialists spend time understanding their patients’ lifestyles and the depth of their symptoms. 

In this episode, James Marin and Dahlia Marin talk to Jen about their practice in functional medicine, the challenges in the traditional medical system, and building a solid foundation for GI health.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:32] - James and Dahlia explain GI disease.
  • [03:46] - How James and Dahlia’s practice differs from standard western medicine.
  • [06:33] - The difference between functional and chronic GI disease.
  • [12:34] - How a person goes from healthy to having GI issues.
  • [18:01] - How a person can fix GI disease independently.
  • [19:13] - Strategies to address GI diseases.
  • [20:04] - What nutrition and food can do for chronic GI disease.
  • [25:05] - The cost of fixing your gut.


[01:48] - “We see so many gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, and we know that it is the most common issue people seek medical attention for.” ~ Dahlia Marin

[07:52] - “Just because you’ve been diagnosed with IBS  and were given a low dose anti-depressant just so you can numb your nerves and the discomfort, doesn’t take care of the IBS or even tell you why you have IBS.” ~ Dahlia Marin

[12:52] - “Literally, we’re taking the outside world, putting it in our body, and it is becoming our body.” ~ James Marin


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