Oct. 11, 2022

Restoring Gut Health Through the Coconut Cult with Noah Simon-Wadell

Reading the labels is an easy way to tell what food is clean and what food isn’t. But what happens when labels are created with the intention to mislead?

Noah Simon-Wadell, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of The Coconut Cult, created clean yogurt with high-quality medicinal probiotics that can help heal the gut. He struggled with a weak immune system and digestive issues for most of his life. On a journey to heal his inflammation, he made a radical change to his diet and experimented with probiotics to see what would regulate his digestion. During Noah’s research, he looked into yogurt brands that claim to have millions of good probiotics. But when he dug deeper and spoke to experts in the field, he discovered that all the probiotics in most yogurts on the shelves were dead.

In this episode, Noah talks to Jen about his journey with digestive issues, the food industry’s fear of living organisms, and why he decided to make clean yogurt.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:17] - An introduction to Noah and The Coconut Cult.
  • [06:32] - How conventional yogurt is made.
  • [12:13] - The benefits of bacteria in yogurt.
  • [17:05] - How and when to incorporate yogurt into your diet.
  • [22:34] - Ingredients of The Coconut Cult versus Activia.
  • [24:05] - Why Noah chose coconuts.
  • [25:19] - Noah talks about The Coconut Cults team.
  • [27:00] - The Coconut Cult’s future endeavors.
  • [29:55] - Noah’s Wake Up moment.


[07:56] - “I found out, unfortunately, that what seems like over 80% or 90% of yogurt, is made the same exact way.  After they culture the bacteria, they cook it at such a high temperature to intentionally kill or pasteurize all the bacteria in the yogurt.” ~ Noah Simon-Wadell

[12:44] - “We’ve all been trained over the last couple of decades, that fake food is real food.” ~ Noah Simon-Wadell 

[15:36] - “There is a balance in your gut, and this balance is between beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria and yeast.” ~ Noah Simon-Wadell


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