Nov. 22, 2022

Revolutionizing the Bread Industry with Jeanne David

Flour-based products like bread, pasta, and crackers make up a major part of the standard American diet, leading to inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and weight gain. This high-carb diet is said to be one of the reasons the current generation is living with long-term inflammatory illnesses. 

Jeanne David, Founder, and CEO at Outer Aisle, is leading a wave of bread alternatives that are hitting supermarket shelves. After leaving her job as a director for a nonprofit, she started Outer Aisle as a family project with her four sons.  Jeanne wanted to change her diet and get more servings of vegetables without depriving herself of some of her favorite bread-based dishes. Today, her manufacturing plant turns 70,000 pounds of cauliflower into cauliflower sandwich thins and pizza crust. Jeanne’s philosophy is that people can improve their health by eating the nutrient-rich food usually found in the outer aisles of the supermarket. 

In this episode, Jeanne talks to Jen about switching to an anti-inflammatory diet, the process of developing her cauliflower recipes, and the versatility of Outer Aisle products.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:09] - An intro to Jeanne David.
  • [03:18] - Jeanne and her husband’s food journey.
  • [10:34] - How Outer Aisle, a family project,  was started.
  • [15:17] - Products Jeanne is excited to venture into.
  • [17:07] - The meaning of the name Outer Aisle.
  • [19:01] - Where to find Outer Aisle products.
  • [19:44] - The meaning of “love and kindness added.”
  • [20:53] - Options available for employees at Outer Aisle.
  • [23:11] - Fun recipes to make with Outer Aisle products.
  • [24:42] - Outer Aisle’s partnership with World Vision.
  • [26:25] - Jeanne’s Wake-Up Moment.


[04:26] - “The low-fat generation, everything became low fat we didn’t look at anything else. So that brought in a lot of empty carbs and high carbs that really just spiked your blood sugar.” ~ Jeanne David 

[07:50] - “People know that if you eat sugar, your blood sugar is going to go up, but what they don’t know is that empty processed carbs do the same thing in your body.” ~ Jeanne David

[17:16] - “Outer Aisle is the concept of, if you want to eat healthy, eat the outer aisle of the grocery store.” ~ Jeanne David


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