May 24, 2022

Small Steps to Clean Eating Success with Megan Schmidt

Reading about Jen’s Jumpstart program is one thing. But hearing a first-hand account of someone who experienced massive results through small change is entirely different. Megan Schmidt is a full-time nurse who spends most of her days putting the needs of others before her own. She wakes up early, works long hours, and, up until a month ago, placed her own health on the backburner. Eating breakfast at Starbucks and grabbing processed foods to quell her daily acid reflux, Megan was feeling the effects of poor eating habits without realizing the root cause.

Tired of feeling sick and tired, Megan decided to give The Wake Up! Jumpstart program a try. Burned by fad diets and processed meal kits, Megan lowered her expectations and followed Jen’s advice to start small. In the first week, all she changed was her breakfast. By week two, Megan was feeling better and hooked on clean eating. 

Today, Megan talks with Jen about her experience just one month into the Jumpstart program, how she inched her way to clean eating success, Megan’s advice for fellow working women struggling to prioritize healthy eating, and why reading the labels impacted not just her life, but the lives of her loved ones. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:39] - A brief introduction to Megan. 
  • [01:50] - How long Megan has been in Jumpstart and why she started. 
  • [02:58] - Why Megan initially put off clean eating. 
  • [03:37] - How Megan’s health problems compounded. 
  • [05:17] - How Megan found Wake Up And Read The Labels. 
  • [06:37] - Why you have to invest in your health to achieve long-term results. 
  • [09:22] - What Megan expected out of Jumpstart. 
  • [11:47] - Megan’s experience with Jumpstart and the first foods she swapped. 
  • [17:27] - Megan’s first clean grocery haul. 
  • [18:19] - How Megan felt during her first week of clean eating. 
  • [19:39] - Why Megan’s first week was a financial win and why food detox makes us so thirsty. 
  • [22:16] - How Megan felt after detoxing and the ways her body changed. 
  • [25:11] - How Megan’s life has changed after four weeks of clean eating.
  • [30:19] - Megan’s Wake Up moment. 


[07:42] - “If you’re going to commit to something wholeheartedly with every ounce of your being, you have to pay for it, you have to get that part of you that says, ‘I’m investing in me because I want to feel good.’” ~ Megan Schmidt 

[18:06] - “You really have made it easy. My grocery haul was pretty much, whole foods and my Culina yogurt and my granola. But it felt good because I felt empowered when I went to the grocery store.” ~ Megan Schmidt 

[20:09] - “I am saving so much more money by eating this way, it’s paying for itself. It really is. Just by changing Starbucks.” ~ Megan Schmidt 


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