May 3, 2022

Snacking Responsibly for Sustainable Energy with Adam Kukoff

When Adam Kukoff sells products at the local farmers market, customers flip his packaging all around, searching for the tiny nutrition labels they’ve been conditioned to read. NUTSÓLA products list their ingredients, but not in the deceptive way major food brands do, cramming their artificial fillers into a size 2 font. Adam has nothing to hide. 

Fortunately, Adam grew up in a healthy household, so labels and ingredients have always been a no-brainer. In fact, NUTSÓLA was born from his father’s innovation, always snacking on a mixture of fruit, nuts, seeds, and spices. 

Since launching NUTSÓLA, Adam’s brand has evolved from a superfood granola mix to a ready-to-eat snack food perfect for busy parents on the go who still want to feed their kids (and themselves) guilt-free. Unlike most granola brands, NUTSÓLA sweetens their products with fiber-filled dates rather than added sugars. 

Today, Adam talks with Jen about the other ingredients NUTSÓLA embraces and avoids to create the perfect clean snack, deciphering the labels on your favorite “healthy” snacks, and the single most important ingredient to look for before adding a brand to your pantry.


Key Takeaways

  • [00:40] - A brief introduction to Adam. 
  • [01:07] - All about NUTSÓLA.
  • [03:43] - What Adam’s best-selling product is and the ingredients he uses to make NUTSÓLA clean and delicious. 
  • [05:27] - Why dates trump artificial sugars. 
  • [06:30] - Why fiber matters. 
  • [08:08] - The controversy behind oats. 
  • [10:58] - Why NUTSÓLA avoids wheat flour. 
  • [11:29] - How Adam learned to eat clean. 
  • [14:08] - How Adam expanded NUTSÓLA. 
  • [17:29] - Where to find NUTSÓLA and a sneak peek at their newest product. 
  • [18:56] - How NUTSÓLA products have impacted consumers’ lives. 
  • [20:09] - Adam’s wake-up moment. 


[02:07] - “No one has to be a nutritionist; they just have to read the ingredient labels. And if they can recognize the ingredients, especially looking at the sugar component, they’re going to be healthy.” ~ Adam Kukoff

[07:28] - “Consumers just have to think of it as more sustainable energy. I don’t drink caffeine anymore but caffeine can give you that instant energy, but you crash. It’s not sustainable. When you’re eating a date or something with fiber, a fruit, you don’t feel like you crash.” ~ Adam Kukoff

[09:44] - “We’ve always wanted to help consumers from day one. That was the entire reason why I got into this business, because I really want to help people eat cleaner, just feel better.” ~ Adam Kukoff


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