March 7, 2023

Subconscious Rewiring with Stephanie Kwong

Relying on sheer willpower to achieve any goal is challenging. We may experience thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that tell us that we are undeserving of achieving those goals or having certain experiences. When those thoughts get too loud, how can we turn down the volume and try to live a normal life?

Stephanie Kwong, Co-Founder of the Rapid Rewire Method, is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and heal efficiently through subconscious rewiring. The Rewire Method training does not replace the grieving process but can expedite healing in 60-minute sessions. Jen and Stephanie discuss the differences between meditation and subconscious rewiring, how emotional charges impede healing, and the benefits of rewiring your beliefs and improving your mindset.

In this episode, Stephanie talks to Jen about her path to healing efficiently using subconscious rewiring, how the training method works to catalyze transformation, and how to get started rewiring your brain. 

Key Takeaways

  • [01:33] - An introduction to Stephanie Kwong.
  • [04:35] - The difference between meditation and subconscious rewiring.
  • [05:05] - Stephanie’s difficult experience that led her to the Rapid Rewire Method.
  • [08:10] - How subconscious rewiring can help inner resistance.
  • [10:41] - How the subconscious rewiring training process works.
  • [11:43] - What makes the Rapid Rewire Method different.
  • [13:38] - Client success rates using the Rapid Rewire Method.
  • [14:42] - Why moving through grief naturally is essential. 
  • [17:11] - How to get started rewiring your brain.
  • [18:00] - A client success story using the Rapid Rewire Method.


[03:51] - “You start to rewire the beliefs that actually align with what you say you want. That's when achieving goals or intentions become radically easier than when we're using sheer willpower to try to get something done.” ~ Stephanie Kwong

[06:41]  - “We can actually catalyze a healing, a transformation, a rewiring of a belief to align with what we want as fast as we can, and suffer a lot less.” ~ Stephanie Kwong

[08:12] - “Anytime we experience any sort of emotional dysregulation around something, it's a clue into there's inner resistance or a block.” ~ Stephanie Kwong


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