Oct. 25, 2022

Teaching Kids to Find Power in Their Food with Haley Scheich

The most formative years of our lives are during childhood. It’s where we develop attitudes towards wellness that will likely follow us throughout our lives. However, most people don’t start learning about healthy eating until adulthood.

Haley Scheich, Co-Founder of My SuperHero Foods, didn’t get in tune with her body until she was in her 20s. She dealt with bloating, brain fog, and frequent headaches until she changed her diet. When she became a mom, she used the lessons learned on her own clean eating journey to empower her children to cook with her, try new recipes, and tune into how food makes them feel. This inspired Haley’s husband Dr. Tarek Pacha to co-write a children’s book titled “My SuperHero Foods”. The book features a fictional story with two characters based on her two eldest children learning about how superhero foods make them stronger, faster, and better.

In this episode, Haley talks to Jen about dedicating her life to teaching children about wellness, leaving her master’s program in nutrition, and the dangers of pill-popping.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:06] - Intro to Haley Scheich.
  • [05:26] - Why Haley stepped away from nutrition school.
  • [07:42] - How Haley knew what she was eating was affecting her negatively.
  • [10:37] - Haley speaks about her job at Pfizer.
  • [15:04] - Haley discusses her book, “My Superhero Foods”.
  • [18:43] - The difference in kids when they eat superhero foods.
  • [21:59] - Guidelines on the types and amount of sugar appropriate for kids.
  • [23:59] - The number one misconception about eating healthy.
  • [25:34] - Haley’s Wake Up moment.


[02:15] - “This part of my life right now is just dedicated to teaching children about wellness.” ~ Haley Scheich

[02:26] - “Often people will come to wellness and start to really learn about the importance of nutrition and sleep and movement, all these amazing pillars of health in their 20s, 30s and their 40s. And we thought, why do we have to wait this long to learn this information? Let's teach this information to our kids.” ~ Haley Scheich

[12:02] - “While they do have some life-saving drugs, the majority of these pills, if we just do some behavior modification, clean up our diet, move, sleep better, we wouldn’t need to be on these drugs.” ~ Haley Scheich


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