March 21, 2023

The Healing Powers of Algae with Catharine Arnston

We tend to associate algae with the ocean, but this superfood deserves recognition for all of its nutritional properties. In fact, this sustainable whole food crop is the most nutritionally dense food in the world. Algae is suitable for all diets and is absorbed much more easily by the body than some popular vitamins. With so many fleeting health trends in the world today, why does algae remain virtually unknown outside of Asia, despite being endorsed by NASA and the United Nations for over 50 years? 

Enter Catharine Arnston, an expert in algae nutrition, who wants to spread the word about all that algae has to offer. Catharine began her career working corporate jobs, but it wasn’t until her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer that Catharine discovered algae’s powerful healing properties. Even after her sister fully healed, Catharine felt compelled to improve people’s health and eventually went on to become the CEO and Founder of ENERGYbits. Her premium algae tablets bring mental clarity, physical wellness, and sustained energy. 

In this episode, Catharine talks to Jen about the life-changing benefits of algae, various types of algae and their purposes, and the difference between vitamins and algae.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:40] - Can algae replace a bad diet?
  • [03:49] - What is algae?
  • [04:43] - What inspired Catharine’s passion for algae?
  • [09:32] - Why haven’t we heard of algae before?
  • [11:07] - Where ENERGYbits products come from.
  • [14:38] - How vitamins and algae differ.
  • [20:22] - Types of algae and their purposes.
  • [23:11] - Chlorella as a detox algae.
  • [27:32] - Where to find ENERGYbits.


[13:43] - “Our biology has not caught up with our destiny.” ~ Catharine Arnston

[05:55] - “I’m not someone who sits on the sideline. I’m a very passionate person who likes to make a difference in the world.” ~ Catharine Arnston

[11:53] - “I didn’t even plan to start a company. I just wanted to help people be healthier in a way that was easier.” ~ Catharine Arnston


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