June 7, 2022

The Real Secret to Staying Sugar Proof with Dr. Michael Goran

Did you know that there are more than 260 names for sweeteners? The next time you’re searching for a sugar-free snack in the grocery aisle or your kitchen pantry, just remember that a “low sugar” or “no sugar added” label isn’t the whole story. You have to look closer. 

Luckily, Dr. Michael Goran is an expert at reading the (sugar) labels. Trained as a biochemist, Dr. Goran transformed into a pediatric nutrition research powerhouse on a mission to help families reduce their sugar intake. His ah-hah moment? Years ago, Dr. Goran began a study tracking the onset and development of chronic diseases. Throughout his research, one data point remained consistent: diet. Particularly, sugar intake. 

Taking a hard look at kids’ diets, sugar is time and time again the primary problem. Unfortunately, going sugar-free isn’t easy. With hundreds of deceptive codenames, the food industry has snuck sugars into almost everything. 

Today, Dr. Goran talks with Jen about avoiding sugar-stuffed kids’ brands, why weight gain isn’t the only telltale sign of a sugar high, how to manage your kids’ blood sugar when it spikes, sugar and sweetener myths damaging health-conscious consumers, and how to truly shop sugar-free at your local grocery store. 

Key Takeaways

  • [00:39] - A brief introduction to Dr. Michael Goran.
  • [01:24] - How Dr. Goran became interested in sugar content. 
  • [07:17] - The biggest culprit for chronic disease. 
  • [08:29] - Why Dr. Goran’s book focuses primarily on children.
  • [09:29] - How a pregnant mother’s food intake impacts her developing child. 
  • [11:27] - How to know if you’re consuming too much sugar. 
  • [13:41] - The foods kids consume with the highest sugar count.
  • [15:02] - What dextrose really is.
  • [18:48] - How to spot misleading labels. 
  • [19:43] - Is monk fruit a clean sweetener alternative? 
  • [22:30] - What Dr. Goran’s guilty pleasures are.
  • [24:52] - The sweeteners Dr. Goran uses. 
  • [25:39] - Why coconut sugar is a great (albeit expensive) sweetener alternative. 
  • [26:43] - Why there are so many different names for sweeteners. 
  • [30:24] - Dr. Goran’s Wake Up moment. 


[16:58] - “You or I probably know when our glucoses are high and when they’re low – your kids might not. But as a parent, if your kids are bouncing off the walls, they’ve probably just had something that’s very high in glucose, syrupy sugar.” ~ @michaelgoran

[18:37] - “The order in which you eat food, making sure there’s fiber on top of it, and activity, too, can all make a difference on better flattening of those blood sugar levels.” ~ @michaelgoran

[22:12] - “Studies show that you can end up eating more calories and more sugar throughout the rest of the day if you’re habitually consuming sweetener.” ~ @michaelgoran


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