Jan. 17, 2023

The Snacking Solution with Katy Tucker and Lisette Howard

Healthy snacks in the grocery store are hard to come by, especially for kids. Colorful packaging and smiling mascots appeal to young audiences and disguise several toxic ingredients. With such a plethora of sugary, nutritionless, highly processed snacks, it’s rare that your child would leap for a low-sugar, natural option. Are there snacks that are tasty and kid-approved, without all of the harmful ingredients? 

Enter Katy Tucker and Lisette Howard, Co-Founders of Sunnie, who created a solution for parents craving a convenient, clean alternative to sugary snacks. The two mothers promised they would build a brand with integrity and snacks that use real foods and minimal processing. They partnered with top childhood nutrition expert, Jill Castle, MS, RDN, to develop their products with pride and equip families with healthier snacking choices.

Katy and Lisette talk to Jen about the lack of healthy kids' snacks available to parents, the ingredients that differentiate Sunnie from other snack brands, and the key to convincing your kids to eat cleaner.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:05] - The struggle to find healthy snacks for kids.
  • [02:59] - The inspiration behind Sunnie.
  • [05:06] - The ingredients that differentiate Sunnie’s snacks. 
  • [10:29] - Disrupting the snack industry for kids.
  • [13:09] - Crafting Sunnie’s recipe. 
  • [14:19] - Sunnie’s newest flavor coming out soon.
  • [16:57] - How Katy and Lisette’s kids react to their product.
  • [17:46] - The key to convincing kids to eat cleaner.
  • [21:41] - Where to find Sunnie’s snacks.


[11:33] - “It’s all about the choices you make. Making the choice to prioritize better for you products, maybe it takes a bit more of your wallet share but, over time, that does pay off.” ~ Katy Tucker

[12:55] - “We’re at the intersection of convenience and nutrition.” ~ Katy Tucker

[18:16] - “We put so much expectation on our kids about food that the minute you let go of that control and say, ‘take it or leave it, it’s all good either way’, they’re interested.” ~ Katy Tucker


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