Nov. 1, 2022

Upgrading Your Meat Products with Autumn Smith

Being the champion of our health often requires us to go against what’s popular, cut through the noise and misinformation and listen to our bodies. 

On the outside, Autumn Smith appeared to be a happy, successful celebrity trainer working with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Ellen Pompeo. Below the surface, she struggled with debilitating digestive issues and crippling anxiety.  She’s been in and out of doctors’ offices since she was 10 years old and her health kept her from making plans with friends and enjoying life with her husband. So Autumn took her health into her own hands, cut out processed foods, quit her job, and went back to school to learn about food and health. She founded Wild Pastures and Paleovalley to change people’s perception of meat and animal products and focus on agriculture practices that are good for people and the environment.

In this episode, Autumn talks to Jen about quitting her job as a celebrity personal trainer and building a business focused on clean meat, the importance of meat and animal products in our diet, and how to read the labels on meat.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:23] - An intro to Autumn Smith and her celebrity clients.
  • [04:20] - Autumn’s health issues.
  • [06:16] - Why Autumn started investigating her foods.
  • [10:08] - Where the idea that meat is bad for health came from.
  • [16:04] - The benefits of meat for health.
  • [22:48] - Autumn speaks about Wild Pastures.
  • [29:34] - Animal product labels consumers should be aware of.
  • [35:04] - What makes Wild Pasture cost-effective.


[07:37] - “We just cut out processed food, we started shopping at the Pasadena Farmers Market, and the change was so dramatic that I quit that amazing job as a celebrity fitness trainer under Tracy Anderson and went back to school.” ~ Autumn Smith

[14:25] - “We’re being told, ‘don’t eat meat.’ There are nuances, and ways to raise meat that can be more beneficial than any other type of agriculture.” ~ Autumn Smith

[16:44] - “Meat and animal products are invaluable in our diet.” ~ Autumn Smith


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